The Invisible Scars Project is a ministry of the Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture. Its mission is to help provide awareness about mental trauma experienced by those who serve or have served in combat. The primary focus is on those who struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (also referred to as Post Traumatic Stress) and Moral Injury.

This project began as a result of the experiences of our team member Lt. Col. Don Malin, USA, (Ret.), who served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Military Chaplain. Recalling hearing thunder for the first time upon returning home, Don said it sounded like the mortar rounds to which his base had been constantly subjected. Based on his own experience, as he talked with other soldiers he realized those dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) was a much higher number than one might think.

Each war in the Middle East meant more soldiers returning home suffering the effects of PTS. These were added to the large numbers of veterans from previous wars, such as Vietnam and Korea, who were also struggling with this problem.

One of the biggest challenges these soldiers faced was being able to admit they had PTS and, once acknowledging it to themselves, being able to share that with others and get the treatment they needed. When Crosswinds Foundation launched its film division, Front Porch Media, we determined to make this topic the subject of our first documentary.

Production began in 2013 and in May of 2014 Invisible Scars, Hope for Warriors With Hidden Wounds premiered at the Carmike Summit Theater with over 200 in attendance. The response was tremendous, raising enough support for the project to purchase 10,000 units of the film. Our commitment is to provide a free copy to veterans, those still in active service, and immediate family members.

During the first year of release, over six thousand copies were distributed with requests coming from veterans in thirty-three states and South Korea, Israel, and Croatia. As others began to realize its value, several other organizations serving the military community have partnered with us in distributing the film.

In 2016 the second film in this series, Honoring the Code: Warriors With Moral Injury was completed and premiered in two theaters (one of which was a veterans only showing) at the Carmike Summit on May 12th. Prior to these showings a special sneak preview had been well recieved by film investors with over 200 people attending on April 7th.

The staff and Board members of Crosswinds Foundation thank you for your interest in the Invisible Scars Project. We are also grateful to all of our corporate and individual sponsors who helped to make this vital project a reality by supporting our films. A listing of these sponsors can be found at:

Invisible Scars Sponsors

Honoring the Code Sponsors

Finally, and not least of all, we are especially grateful to all the men and women who have faithfully served in our nation’s armed services, ensuring that the freedom we so highly treasure remains firm. As our film depicts, this freedom often comes at great cost to those who serve. It is our hope our films will help many find the path to recovery and healing.